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Jumaat, Februari 13, 2009


The Bright Side

Pisces is sympathetic and compassionate, and cannot bear to see another human being in pain. Indeed, Pisceans feel very deeply about other people as they do not have a strong sense of separation and individuality.

Pisces is an intuition sign which can receive great inspiration from beyond. Pisceans are thus the natural mediums and mystics of the zodiac who can communicate their inner vision through either the arts or sciences. Pisces can also be a sign of selfless or self-sacrificing devotion, and is capable of truly unconditional love for others.

The Dark Side

The Pisces personality has a number of sub-personalities who are likely to take over at the drop of a hat. They include the victim, the martyr and the saviour or rescuer; and once Pisces gets locked into these patterns, it can be very difficult to shift. This can be hard on other people involved, too, for Pisceans can inflict, or receive, considerable suffering when they enter into a guilt-ridden phase.

The other negative Piscean trait involves the illusion and confusion which surround their ability to tell the truth - known as lying by the more pragmatic signs. Pisceans tens d to be too imaginative for their own good.

The most idealistic, romantic and highly-strung sign, Pisceans are only too happy to lose themselves in their relationships. Being loved is central to their well-being. They are very caring, and make compassionate partners.

Deeply sensitive and soft-hearted, Pisceans revel in highly-charged relationships. Unfortunately, they are so easily hurt that they often emerge battle-scarred from a relationship with their dreams shattered. Many Pisceans also view their loved ones through rose-colored spectacles, refusing to admit that their idealised lover is only human after all.

As a result, they sometimes turn a blind eye to transgressions that would provoke some of the more down-to-earth signs. Some Pisceans become willing victims in destructive relationships, without realizing it.

However, If Pisceans become involved with those who are too realistic and unable to stimulate a vivid imagination, they may well start to stray to pastures new through sheer boredom. Love affairs are the essence of romance for Pisceans. They like nothing better than to escape from their every routine into a dream-world. Probably the only occasion on which they will be unfaithful is in their imaginations, for they may fantasize about dramatic love affairs that in reality do not exist.

When in love, Pisceans are filled with aspirations. Often seeking a spiritual life with their partner, they are probably the most romantic sign of the zodiac and can be very caring and sensitive. but the fact that they are dreamers can cause problems since expectation may be too high.

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